Always you, Edina
As you step outside
Diary of a Provincial Lesbian
The Woman in Beige
The Comedienne

Always you, Edina

Always You, Edina was chosen as Stonewall’s Book of the Month in June 2012. A few months later Lee was also nominated for a Stonewall Award for Writer of the Year.

About Always You, Edina:
While Bonnie Benson visits her grandmother at the Three Elms Nursing Home a childhood memory is triggered:

‘Your dad was very different,’ her grandmother tells her, ‘not so easy to fathom but he had…well, I suppose you’d call it sex appeal. Not only did he have it, but he knew he had it.’
Suddenly Bonnie is taken back over four decades to her ten-year-old self living with her family in a terraced house opposite Small Heath Park. Birmingham: the year – 1964. Prince Philip will soon open the newly constructed Bull Ring Shopping Centre and Bonnie has three idols in her life. There is Joanna Bayliss, the most popular girl in her school; glamorous, charismatic Aunt Ed, who ‘could light up a room – if there was a man in that room’; and Bonnie’s father, Ken. Bonnie observes the relationship developing between her aunt and father without comprehending the tragic repercussions the affair will have on both families.

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